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A few simple rules for submitting music. First, makes sure you are from the RGV! Secondly, your music must be original music. Means no covers and/or samples. Three, you must sign fill out and return this waiver form. Download it here; http://bit.ly/RGVTitanRelease Lastly, get your files together and email them to playmymusic@rgvtitanradio.com . Be smart and make sure your emails are not too big as they may not deliver. So don't try and send 10GB at one time. We want your 10GB worth of music but not in one email. Links work also! Give us information about yourself. Band links, bios, merchandise links etc.

Waiver: http://bit.ly/RGVTitanRelease
Email: playmymusic@rgvtitanradio.com

Questions? Good! And GO!

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