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Vibrahaven Up The Ante in “Heartened By Toxinz” [Album Review]

Vibrahaven’s “Heartened By Toxinz” arrives to the sound of war drums signaling the band’s full intent on south Texas Metal domination.

The release is a full-length debut for the McAllen-based quartet following the success of 2016’s self-titled EP.

“Heartened By Toxinz” is a progression on Ryan Gomez (guitar/vox), Matt Garcia (percussion), and Jesus Espinosa’s (bass) post-alt/rock edginess - but the sound separates from others in its genre through use of electronic textures explored by newcomer Tommy Toxinz (guitar/keys).

The addition is never more present than in the album’s haunting string intro leading into subsequent track “Nuclear Kings,” and later in “Akuma No Kira (Demon Killer).” The “Heart…” of Vibrahaven, however, remains in the band’s reputation for driving guitar riffs and eerie Alice In Chains-influenced vocal harmonies seen on tracks like “Heartened” and “Shadow of You.”

“Buried Alive to Rise” showcases the group’s eclectic song writing. The track’s opening march gives way to a subdued vocal melody over a distorted off-beat Latin guitar groove. The epic pre-chorus lifts listeners high off the ground - like riders on the tallest roller coaster - before plunging into a headbanging call and response between clean and guttural vocalists.

“Heartened By Toxinz” offers a little of everything for new listeners; while an evolved sound has fans evermore intrigued with Vibrahaven’s future possibilities.

The album is available now for purchase and streaming on Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify.

Catch Vibrahaven live August 24th at Sofie's Saloon for the "Heartened By Toxinz" release show with support from Overt Enemy, Lonescar, Forty Caliber Kiss, and Ricin presented by RGVTitanRadio.

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