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Oh, Sleeper Rises From The Ashes With Long-Awaited Album [Review]

After stirring up the waters with the release of three singles in as many years, the Lone Star State’s very own Oh, Sleeper is finally back to making huge waves with their highly anticipated fourth full-length album Bloodied/Unbowed via Solid State Records.

The latest effort from the Fort Worth-based metalcore band showcases the group’s complete metamorphosis from their raw, barbed-wire riffing, post-Hardcore days of the mid-2000’s to a polished, yet furocious, tech-metalcore soundscape. Not unlike every Oh, Sleeper compilation, Bloodied/Unbowed is in itself a dark storybook told chapter by chapter through each song from beginning to end. While the art of concept albums isn’t in any way pioneering, the approach presents vocalist Micah Kinard with an opportunity to guide audiences through the frontman’s latest epic poem; a lost craft rarely seen from acts that have once graced the stages of shows like Vans Warped Tour.

The new album picks up six years after the release of the 5-track EP “The Titan.” The hiatus allowing lead guitarist Shane Blay a chance to join forces with (then former) members of As I Lay Dying

forging the band Wovenwar - while inadvertently bringing Oh, Sleeper to the brink of a possible break up.

Bloodied/Unbowed revisits the band’s familiar themes of good vs. evil, perseverance, and self revolution, but the album’s motif centers around the separation, evolution, and ultimate reuniting of the story’s two main characters. The narrative is a clear (and confirmed) reflection of the paths taken by Oh, Sleeper’s two remaining founding members during the group’s years of inactivity.

Look for Bloodied/Unbowed to further expand on Oh, Sleeper’s signature style of sonic guitar arpeggios, and desperately grave screams in tracks like “Oxygen” and “Mutinous.” But it’s singles like “Fissure” and “The Island” that highlight the band’s successful incorporation of balanced vocal harmonies, and muted post-rock guitar tones. Not to fear, these new elements do not compromise the albums break-neck intensity (that is, of course, until the story’s introspective closure).

Oh, Sleeper are currently headlining the new album’s nationwide tour, but are due back in Texas next month in support of Hawthorne Heights and Emery:

● August 24th Lubbock, TX

● August 25th Dallas, TX

● August 26th Austin, TX

● August 27th Houston, TX

● August 28th San Antonio, TX

Bloodied/Unbowed is available right now and can also be found on most streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music.

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